You got a Cbag sliding down your chimney!

Happy Santa-day everyone!

I wanted give a little gift on this special day for all the designers, artists and art directors who read my blog.

This is a follow-up to my Shadow tutorial last week. There are a number of steps involved in my process, and while simple, they are repetitive. So, being as lazy efficient as I am, I created a short action to automate the process.

Makin’ Shadows

To use this action, create your mask as you normally would (channel, lasso, quick mask, path, whatever). If necessary, turn your path/channel into a selection, and while the selection is active, run the action.

This action simply automates all the steps:

1. Applies your selection to the active layer as a Layer Mask
2. Duplicates the active Layer
3. Selects the Duplicate Layer and renames it ‘shadow’
4. Moves the ‘shadow’ layer to the back
5. Sets the ‘shadow’ layer to Multiply, with 80% opacity
6. Disables the Layer Mask so you can see the whole image
7. Selects and makes active the Layer Mask on the ‘shadow’ layer so you can airbrush the mask to reveal the natural shadow

All you have to do at the end is to Enable the Layer Mask on ‘shadow’ after that, and save the file. And you’re done!

Enjoy your Xmas turkey!


~ by Chris on December 25, 2010.

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