Week 4 finished! (or, ‘Cbaggoney Snickets Series of Interesting Circumstances™’)

First off, Xmas is done – not a minute too soon! The rest of my week belongs to your’s truly.

Second off – a series of Interesting Circumstances™ over the 24 hours preceding Xmas led to a dramatic change of my project plans for the week.

I had spent much of the week studying tutorials for a new digital technique. Which would have culminated with me executing a piece of art utilizing said technique.

Well, I was supposed to be receiving an image – and permission to work my voodoo on the image – from a colleague, but due to the general insanity of Xmas, she was unable to provide it to me this weekend, leading me to shelve several hours of work, which became the first Interesting Circumstance™.

Not a big deal, adapt and overcome.

The subsequent Interesting Circumstances™ involve my Xmas gift to my girlfriend – which happens to be a tattoo. Her first tattoo, and one she didnt know I booked an appointment for on the 28th of December (my tattoo designer books several months in advance – I had been sitting on this surprise for a while).

Which leads us to the Interesting Circumstance™ of the designer being unable to provide me with a design before the 24th of December, due to a miscommunication. See, the tattoo was a complete surprise, and the girl and I exchange gifts on Xmas eve… and even though the designer was able to commit to the 24th, he couldnt commit on a time… so, I was left in the dilemma of having insufficient time to get a print out of the design to slip into a card and present as a gift.

Which leads us to the final Interesting Circumstance™ – after I finished up doing some miniature painting at 1am on Thursday, I decided to go ahead and do my own design for the tattoo as a backup, even though I had never designed a tattoo before. Putting on some Wardruna and cracking open a Monster, I sat down at 1:30am and started drawing. By 5:30am, I reached a design I felt was worthy as a gift. After a fitful 4 hours of sleep on Thursday night, I spent a few more hours Friday morning refining the design.

The end result? Well, not only was I able to deliver a gift on Xmas eve, but I also managed to complete my digital art project for the week. 😉

People on streets - ee da de da de da de da

Oh, and her opinions of the design? She loved it. And in her words: ‘it means more to me that you designed it, than if you paid someone else to design it.’

~ by Chris on December 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Week 4 finished! (or, ‘Cbaggoney Snickets Series of Interesting Circumstances™’)”

  1. Wicked work again my friend!! Keep on rocking and doing what you do best 🙂

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