Week 8… finished. (Or, ‘H1N3, you cold-hearted bastard.’)

Well, week 8 is done. I guess.

I’ve had one of the worst week’s I can recall… I was completely incapacitated by a flu bug: I missed the entire week of work – struggling to actually get some work done at home while ill, fell way behind on my painting, and didnt have any time nor energy to work on this week’s project. Which brings me to this weekend being equally as terrible… I need to make up for all the missed work this week, as well as do some designs for a new project which came in AND I need to get this week’s project done. Sure, it would be easy to say ‘Too sick, too little time… just going to skip it.’ Well, that kind of defeats the purpose of this year long project, doesn’t it? Which means I HAVE to do something this week…

So, I dipped into the Cbag-o-vault for a faster design project: some not-so-generic Facebook icons. 🙂

Creative? Check. Design? Check. New to me? Check. Done job - I need a nap.

Feel free to use for your own Facebook page if you want… if anyone asks about them, please let them know where you got it. 🙂

Cbag out, like a light.

~ by Chris on January 23, 2011.

One Response to “Week 8… finished. (Or, ‘H1N3, you cold-hearted bastard.’)”

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