Week 9 complete! (Or, ‘Almost back on track.’)

Well, week 9 is done… and I have to admit, I had a heck of a time finishing this project. I felt completely unmotivated to work on it this week… it feels like being sick for a week has put me more than a week behind on my painting projects. I could have easily painted for another 10 hours today.


This week’s project is one of those ‘2 birds, 1 stone’ situations.

As most of you know, I play (a bit) and paint (mostly) wargaming miniatures. I do Fantasy, Sci-Fi, historicals – lots of different stuff. Well, one game I am involved in is called Warhammer 40,000 – a sci-fi wargame set in the 40th millennium. This game is kind of the one that got me involved in miniature wargaming and painting… over 20 years ago. My main army for WH40K (as it’s abbreviated) are Space Marines, specifically the Dark Angels chapter (there are 1000 different chapters, each with their own iconography, colour scheme, ‘style’, etc). Each chapter, in turn, is divided into 10 companies – each company around 100 Marines strong – and each company is divided into 10 squads. The style/personality/iconography of the Dark Angels is that of a monastic order, with lots of gothic inspired visual elements.

A project I have been working on for the last 10 years is to paint up an entire Dark Angel’s 3rd company – so, over 100 troops. Picking and poking at this goal for the last decade has gotten me about half of the way through it, I’ve decided I’m actually going to finish the project up this year.

This is a pretty ambitious project – I know of a few people who have done similar projects, so I am looking forward at joining that club. One thing people tend to do for big conceptual projects like this is to make custom bases the models are placed on – I have decided to go that route as well. But, I want to push the idea a bit further: in addition to the custom bases for the models themselves, I want to make a custom display base for the entire squad… so, in the end, I will have 10 custom stands in my display cabinet, each stand holding a full squad. So, rather than just doing the standard battlefield alot of people do, I wanted something that is uniquely Dark Angels… and nothing says Dark Angels more than a cathedral floor. 🙂

When I am cut, I bleed Dark Angels green.

The winged sword is the Dark Angels chapter icon; their colours are crimson, bone/ivory and a deep green, almost a Perylene green (although for the purpose of this design, I went with a brighter Hooker’s Green).

Now, the plan is to actually realize this design in 3 dimensions, and then cast duplicates out of resin – which I will then paint in a similar colour scheme as the image shows. My original plan was to sculpt/carve the master – definitely doable, but it will probably take me quite a while to do it. However, a couple minutes googling has shown me an interesting alternative: 3D printing! Here is one supplier – Shapeways.

So, all I need to do now, is to figure how to extrude my wireframe Illustrator design to a 3mm depth, and get a file to them in a format they can print from.

That should be pretty easy, right? Right. 😉

~ by Chris on January 30, 2011.

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