Week 13 done! (Or, ‘Tilting Windmills’)

Oi… crazy busy weekend this weekend. But, no excuses and all that…

Last week’s project was super-crazy-fun to do… precision took a back seat to concept, I was free to really play around with images and type. I wanted to stay in that same frame of mind (heh) so I decided to let my hair down what’s left of my hair down and really explore the painting tools in Photoshop, so I did a very painterly illustration this week!

I’ve long been a fan of Bill Sienkiewicz – over 2 decades kind of long… urm, almost 3 decades actually :_(

*Anyway* I felt like channeling a bit of Sienkiewicz this week. And I had a blast doing so. 🙂

Without further adieu:

Don, I think you can take him.

Cbag out!

~ by Chris on February 27, 2011.

One Response to “Week 13 done! (Or, ‘Tilting Windmills’)”

  1. […] The Steelers are beating (up) teams like a young Mike Tyson beat Michael Spinks.  Just ask Vince Young.   The fact that Pittsburgh is a road favorite should scare Steeler fans as they historically don’t perform well in this role but….the defense.  It’s too good.  Certainly too good for Josh Freeman and a hobbled Cadillac to contain.  And I say contain because that’s what you have to do against that unit.  Contain them.  They are likely to score 2 TD’s and dominate every aspect of the Buccaneers’ Make sure to also read: https://cbaggery.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/week-13-done-or-tilting-windmills/ […]

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