Week 24 complete! (Or ‘Form follows function.’)

Well, this week’s project wont be interesting to many of you. However, if you play Blood Bowl, you will find this piece to be the knees of the bees indeed!

This week is a design exercise, and the exercise was to re-design the Blood Bowl team roster to make it more user friendly. I realize most people use those new-fangled spreadsheet programs, but us luddites actually prefer the tactile nature of hand-written sheets, and the simple charm of napkin math. This week’s project is intended for us. πŸ™‚

One of the issues I had with the existing design was that alot of the space was poorly used – the old design (which I do not have copyright of, so will not post) allowed a ton of room for categories which were more-or-less ‘yes/no’ areas, while other areas were woefully small (I’m looking at you, Skill column).

Also, the process for calculating team value involves alot of addition of multiple lines, but the categories which changed the least, had the most entries (player cost). To further confuse matters, a new variable was added in recent rules revisions (Player Value) which changes periodically, but the real-world implementation is different than the game designers envisioned: they envision adding the Player Value modifier to the cost of the player, then totalling the revised player costs… how people actually do it is to total the player cost (which hardly ever changes once set), then total the Player Value Mods (much smaller numbers), then add those 2 values together; my new design takes this into account and adds a line at the bottom for ‘Player Cost’ (conveniently labelled column A) plus Player Value Modifier (labelled column B), giving a total.

Lastly, I’ve noticed even veteran Blood Bowl players refer to the rulebook when it came to player advancement. Player advancement amounted to consulting 3 different tables, on 2 different pages. I felt this information could very easily be gathered, and turned into 4 simple line entries in a separate section on their own.

Without further adieu!

Mmmmmm - tabley!

And a PDF for anyone who wants a high-res version:

XTBBF Team Roster PDF

Function determining form is the essence of good design.

(For all the non-Blood Bowlers reading this, dont be shocked by all the abbreviations – those are standard in the game, and would be readily understood by the players. πŸ˜‰ )

Cbag out!

~ by Chris on May 15, 2011.

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