The only constant is change.

Helloooooo blog, it’s been quite a while. There have been some massive changes in my life since I was last here – I have had the fortune to be able to enter into the state of a very, very early working retirement. 🙂

It. Is. Wonderful.

Now that working is something that happens to *other* people, I can devote my time to my own interests – one of which is my love of miniature painting. So, with that, this blog is going to be re-purposed (again) back to it’s original intention: my miniature painting (and related hobby interests). It’s funny how things come full circle. 🙂

If/when I do more digital art, they will make an appearance here as well – as will all the pieces from my work portfolio (not needing any more clients, I can save a few bucks and get rid of the web hosting).

For my new inaugural post, here’s a link to a short QuickTime movie I shot with my new camera, showing my spiffy new art studio/hobby room.

Yes, I realize that my reflection is showing on the cabinets – at least I’m not totally naked… I *am* wearing hiking shorts. 🙂


~ by Chris on January 25, 2013.

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