Bushido Savage Wave starter set, Part 2

I am Wiped Out™ from shoveling the snow – Snowpocalypse out here! – so excuse any typos. Second stage of the Bushido Savage Wave is complete – this stage is the airbrushed basecoats.

The first shot is of the workspace – double Ottlite’s are on, airbrushes are at the ready, oversrpay/painting station is out, paint chart is out for colour selection and a freesh can of Monster is available.


The next shot is the obligatroy shot of the primered models waiting in anticipation for the glory of colour.


THe majority of this WIP will be of Zuba and Waka, with their lovely red Oni skin. For the skin, I will be using my Iwata Eclipse. Here is the first layer of colour – Vallejo Model Air Blue:

DSC_0128 DSC_0129 DSC_0130

this makes for nice, deep, rich shadows, and provides an excellent undercolour for the reds. The blue was prayed at pretty much a 180° angle to the models – straight on.

Next is the first layer of red – VMA Italian Red, sprayed at approx 45°

DSC_0131 DSC_0132

and a couple shots of the Italian Red on the verso side of the models

DSC_0133 DSC_0134

Next up is a layer of VMA Scarlet Red, this time sprayed at about 30° – I am also starting to focus on bringing the highlights towards the direction of the light; I generally have the light coming from the direction the model is facing.


and a shot fo the verso


The next step is to brighten up the hilhgits – by mixing in VMA White with the Scarlet Red, at a 1:1 ratio.


and the verso  – this is the last time I will be hitting the back of the models with any of the flesh colour. This last layer on the back was a quick spray just on the shoulder area. Only Zuba got a hit of this colour on the back, Waka’s back is away form the light source.


and finally, one last layer of pure white, at a really high angle – perhaps 15°


For the next stage, I swtiched brushes to my Iwata Custom Micron. I dont have step-by-step shots of this stage – I’m not very good spraying with the CM, and it is a very very fussy brush, so I spent alot, ALOT of time clearing the tip… I wasnt in any mood to keep cleaning my hands and take shot after shot, so I jsut have final shots of the airbrushing with the CM. I used pretty much the same techniques, jsut on a much smaller scale, as I was focuing on the detail pieces. I also made quite a mess of things – like I said, I’m not very good with the CM.


and let’s not forget Zuba and Waka’s little buddies, the Bakemono!

DSC_0142 DSC_0143

Next stage will be the glazing and traidtional bursh work – which will happen today (if I have the time and energy) or tomorrow.

To give everyone a sense of timing, I did all 8 models from black primer, to this stage in about 4 hours (excluding breaks, snow shoveling, etc, but including time spent picking colours, mixing, cleaning the brushes, etc)) – so, 4 hours actually on the airbrush.

~ by Chris on February 9, 2013.

2 Responses to “Bushido Savage Wave starter set, Part 2”

  1. Love the Savage Wave models. They are on my list of things to collect, but unfortunately it’s a long old list

    • They are definitely a fun group of models to paint – the GCT studio shots dont really do the Bakemono justice – they have all sort of wicked and sinister expressions, with ‘Dirty Sanchez’ being the most perverted. 😉

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