Attack on the Bridge!

Well, last night was our club’s first game of ACTA:SF – over the past several months, I had spent well over a hundred hours painting models, making terrain, making my own fire arc stickers, making my QSR/cheat sheet handouts, and making my own ship records (using photographs of my own models, of course πŸ™‚ )

I was completely stressed out: I was trying to teach 7 people how to play a game I had never played, and, at best, had a shaky grasp of the rules. I didnt keep any notes – I think The Monkey that Walks will be doing an AAR, and he will be undoubtedly do a better one than I ever could, so I will jsut post some photos of the evening.

First up, the 8 teams in ‘space dock’ πŸ˜€

The sides were: Romulan Condor Dreadnought, the RIS Imperator; Romulan Kestrals, KR the RIS Praetorian and KF5R the RIS Centaurii; Romulan warbirds, War Eagle the RIS Bloodhawk and Battle Hawk the RIS Starwing – commanded by The Monkey that Walks; Terran Empire, the ISS Tarrasque, commanded by The Bent Bristle; Federation, Battlecruiser, the USS Iroquois and Burke class Frigate, the USS Ottawa; Federation, Heavy Cruiser the USS Enterprise and Texas Class Light Cruiser, the USS Beaver – commanded by Watts; Klingons (grey scheme), F5 the IKV Stalker and D7 the IKV Annihilation; Klingons (green scheme), F5 the IKV War Cry and D7, the IKV VEngeance. I used this multi-player scenario as a test run for the two different paint schemes for my Klingons… I’m still not sure which scheme to use for my fleet.


Next are a couple shots showing the battlefield. The mat is by Hotz mats, asteroids and planet are scratch built by myself.

DSC_0168 DSC_0169

A shot of the USS Beaver and the USS Enterprise rounding the planet.


The Romulan Kestrals have formed an uneasy alliance with Hollis’ grey Klingons!


A shot of Thorstons green klingons bravely running away from Ernie’s Condor Dreadnought.



Not so fast Thor! Watts engages!


Never trust an alliance with the Terran Empire! The ISS Tarrasque unloads a photon salvo into the aft of the unsuspecting USS Enterprise.


Hollis makes a fateful decision and decides to do a tactical withdrawl with Maximum Warp Now!, Thor, FMB, David B and AlexM take it upon themselves to not allow this cowardice.


While every other faction concerned themselves with eliminating Hollis, Watts, despite having lost the USS Beaver, achieves his victory condition and brings the USS Enterprise next to the planet! Captain A. Watts, you shall be remembered as a hero. πŸ™‚


and one final parting shot of the starship graveyard:



~ by Chris on February 15, 2013.

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