Paint observation

As I was finishing up my Savage Wave starter set today, I noticed something very interesting… take a look at this photo:



On the left, a bottle of P3 Molten Bronze, purchased in 2012. On the right, a 25 year old pot of Citadel Colour SPace Wolf Grey.

Now, I’ve seen comparisons between the P3 packaging and the Coat d’Arms packaging, but I’ve never noticed this before: the P3 pot is EXACTLY the same as the old Citadel Colour pot (and the current Coat d’Arms pots, of course).

So, you’re thinking, ‘why do we care about this Cbag?’ Well, I purchased (and opened!) that Space Wolf Grey pot back in 1993 or so, as remaindered stock from a GW paint sale… take a look at the next shot:


The paint is still as good as new. Granted, I havent opened that pot of paint in over 15 years, but nevertheless, it was opened 19 years ago, and is still perfectly fine paint.

I guess I wont have to worry about any P3 paints I have now, or in the future, drying out. 🙂


















~ by Chris on February 18, 2013.

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