Skraelings complete!

Some life happened to me over the past few weeks, but I did manage to get the last of my Skraelings finished. I did 2 more points of warriors and 1 more point of archers, to bring the army to 6 points total. The biggest deal, though, is that I also finished off the Chieftain!

As with the rest of my army, I blatantly ripped off drew my inspiration from John de Terre Neuve’s Nonosbawsut. His concept was so perfect, there is no way I could have improved upon it. 

(I’m such a hack I even purchased the exact same wolf models he used… )

Without further ado, the Chieftain of my Skraelings:


I didnt bother with photography for the last 3 points of models – they are all painted to fit with the first 3 points, the photos of which can be found here.

I did, however, do one shot of the whole army:

Welcome to the New World.

Welcome to the New World.

57 models may not be alot for some people, but that is a *huge* army for me… I generally dont like army’s with a model count over 16 (which, ironically, is the size of a full Blood Bowl squad… 😉 )

I also put together, at Watts’ request, a step-by-step for my process to do these models. I was averaging around 3 hours a model, which for me, is pretty much Speed Painting.

~ by Chris on July 18, 2013.

5 Responses to “Skraelings complete!”

  1. […] photo of this stage – the dirty camera wouldnt do it justice… check out pictures of my Chieftain, or of the first batch to see how the detailing looks at the […]

  2. They look great, and the autumn theme for the bases adds very nicely to their strong identity.

  3. Very nice Chris, although you suggest that the inspiration was drawn from my blog, you really have done an amazing job on the figures. I read through your step by step, just incredible.

    Interestedly enough I was in NF last week and the Newfoundland wolf is now on display in the Rooms (the Newfoundland Museum). Also an excellent display on the Beothuks and their predecessors.

    I also obtained the following pamphlet which is an absolutely an amazing read by historian William A. Munn (1864–1939), published in 1914 book “Wineland Voyages: Location of Helluland, Markland & Vinland” Absolutely a prescient book on the discoveries made in the 60’s.

    Anyway, I hope to hear soon of your battles with the Skraelings.


    • Thank you very much for the compliments!

      I checked out the rooms website and found their Museum Notes on the Newfoundland Wolf – I hope a virtual exhibit is in the plans.

      I’m waiting on some of the other people in my game group to finish up their SAGA forces, but once I get some games in, I will be sure to post. 🙂

      Thanks again for all your help on this project!

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