Seven Samurai KEGSCON event photos!

It’s taken me a few days to re-aclimated after returning from KEGSCON last weekend.

I didnt take my camera with me when I ran the scenario – while I had wanted, I figured (correctly) that my hands would be full running the event. Luckily, my friend Richard was one of my players and took a bunch a really beautiful shots… better than I could have with my own camera, actually, so it all worked out for the best. 😀

1375195_10151614800892064_1869104356_n 1376644_10151614805182064_1753668713_n 644080_10151614809267064_1733527017_n 602938_10151614818292064_814462107_n 1209250_10151614827987064_1547283894_n

Next time I am shooting models, I will take a few hi-res studio shots of some of the terrain – they wont be nearly as dramatic as these by Richard, but they will be good for anyone looking to create some pieces of their own.

The play surface is Watts’ Zuzzy mat… I *need* to get one of these for myself! If I do half as good of a job painting mine as Watts did painting his, I will be happy. 😀

~ by Chris on October 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Seven Samurai KEGSCON event photos!”

  1. […] the Seven Samurai game went off without a hitch and looked fantastic.Thanks to Chris for putting in all the hard work and running the game. Rumours […]

  2. […] Richard Meaden already took some excellent photos of the actual event, but I wanted to do a set of ‘studio’ shots of the terrain. I realized quickly, though, that most of the shots will be monotonous… as most of the buildings look the same. When I was preparing the terrain for the table, I wanted to really tie the theme in with the film, the best way to do that (after watching the film several times as I was building the terrain) was to make a scale replica of the banner Kikuchiyo makes in the film: […]

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