Herbert West’s Reanimators

I made some time this morning to process the next batch of photos – my Necromancer Blood Bowl team: Herbert West’s Reanimators!

This team is entirely comprised of Blood Bowl/Fantasy Football from my favorite European sculptors.

Starting off with a team shot:


The Flesh Golems – Frankie and Jason –  are by Willy Miniatures:
jason frankieThese were shot on the same day as my Khador… so, again, blurs. *sigh*

The Wights – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern – are also Willy’s:


The Ghouls – Gaspez and Raffaele – are by Gaspez Arts (and sculpted by one of my favorites, Raffaele Stumpo… see what I did there?):


This is actually their Star Player Ghoul model, but it is, hands down, the *best* Blood Bowl Ghoul sculpt I have ever seen, so I decided to double-down on him :). And definitely one of the best ghoul sculpts, period.

My Werewolves – Fritz and Günter – are again Willy’s:
wolvesThese ended up being *very* expensive models for me: Fritz (on the left) is supposed to be holding a ball… but, I dont really like having the ball in the hands of anyone other than the throwers on my Blood Bowl models, so I ordered an entire second Günter and did a bit of a conversion. 🙂

and lastly, we have the Zombies…

zombiesFunny story behind these guys: I had just finished up an entire set of the Greebo multi-race zombies – I mean, the paint was barely dry – and then I saw that Meiko Miniatures had released a new set of Fantasy Football Zombies… I’ve had two problems with most of the fantasy football Zombie models – they are either faaaar too animated in their motions (reaching for interception, kicking, running, etc), or they are comical (hitting their opponent with a torn off limb, holding their own head, etc), and while I appreciate that some people like those sorts of models, Cbag dont play that.

I consider myself a zombie connoisseur: I prefer my zombies a shambling horde. The Greebo models were previously the nicest of the bunch – not too comical, not too animated… then I saw the Meiko ones. They are perfect. Absolutely perfect.


A new order was placed.

All was not lost with the Greebo models though, one of the Necromancer perks is that if they kill an opposing player, they immediately add a free zombie to their roster. So, I am going to add some saturation to the Greebo set I painted up, add some fresh blood, and use them to represent recent acquisitions: kill an opponents Dwarf Runner? BAM! I whip out my dwarf zombie.

One last thing: it’s fitting that for my 100th post, it happens to be about Blood Bowl Zombies. Honestly, I didnt plan it this way. 🙂

They’re coming to tackle you, Barbara!

~ by Chris on February 27, 2014.

5 Responses to “Herbert West’s Reanimators”

  1. Great team and amazingly well painted. Very nice work indeed man.

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  4. […] the astute reader will recall, I had discovered the Meiko Zombies just after I finished painting up a bunch of Greebo multi-race […]

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