They’re Coming to Get You (Again) Barbara…

I’ve been painting up some Zombicide Season 2 models – well, picking and poking at them… for the past few weeks – and after I put my brushes down today, I got the urge to process photos of all my Season 1 stuff: I talk about Zombicide so much, I was loooong overdue posting shots.

I painted up all of the initial wave of models – Survivors and Zombies – in about 5 weeks. Several weeks before our last club get-together of 2012, Mark suggested that we do something special before the holidays – which happened to coincide with the Mayan Apocalypse (worst. apocalypse. ever.) – so I suggested Zombicide, but I was greatly concerned I wouldnt be able to paint everything in time. Luckily, Mark, Ernie and a few others encouraged me to try – and I was bolstered by their confidence in me. 🙂

The base set survivors:


The first 3 of the Kickstarter Exclusive models:


A selection of the 5 different Walkers:


A selection of one of the Fatty packs:

And the Abominations (the base set comes with one, the second was a Kickstarter reward):

zombicide_abom_s1That was the initial wave, shipping in August of 2012. The additional Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors were shipped in the spring of 2013:

yes, these are homages/cameos of Chuck Norris, and the Man Himself, Bruce Campbell. 🙂

The game card artwork for Chuck (“Chaz Eagle” in the game) is a bit different: he has an American flag on his shirt… being the purist that I am, I like to always honour the original source material, so I based his paint scheme on the publicity shot from invasion USA.

Now… something interesting to note, with this comparative shot of the Danny Trejo homage and the Chuck Norris homage:

zombicide_comparison1I was *very* happy with the work I did on the initial wave of models – I painted them to the best of my ability at the time – however, the difference in quality just 6 months later absolutely shocked me… I find it very encouraging to see that my skills continue to grow. 🙂

Oh, and the Season 2 models I’m painting now? They are some of my best work yet. 😉

(and yes, there is no blood splatter on Chuck Norris… because he’s Chuck Norris.)

and one final parting shot – all of the Zombies I painted up from that initial wave:



BTW, no two zombies were painted the same… while I used the same colours for various ‘groupings’, each one is uniquely painted. 🙂

Remember: shoot ’em in the head, that’s the only way to be sure…. Cbag out. 🙂






~ by Chris on April 25, 2014.

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