From the vaults.

So I hear there’s a thing called ‘throwback thursday’ – being a bit of a luddite I’m not up to speed on all the stuff the cool kids are doing these days, but it seemed appropriate to share this today: a Space Marine I painted about 20 years ago.

I was originally exposed to 40K back during the Rogue Trader days in high school – I only played a couple times though, and never got any models… the only thing I owned was the incredibly awesome rulebook, which is still one of the best books GW has ever made. 🙂

Fast forward about 5 years – I decided to actually explore the game all proper like, during 40K’s second edition, which meant painting models. Now, I painted a few miniatures in my youth, mostly Heritage Dungeon Dwellers sets, but a few D&D models here and there, but I never really got ‘into’ painting… so this was among my first experiences trying to paint wargaming models.

original_marine original_marine2 original_marine3



I believe I was using a mix of Citadel paints and Liquitex… probably the Citadel starter set brushes too. I was soooo proud of this at the time. 😀

People are probably wondering: ‘why on earth are you showing us this train-wreck Cbag?!?!’

Well, when showing my models, I often hear ‘I’ll never be able to paint this good!’ and, while definitely flattering, it’s simply untrue: all it takes is practice! 🙂

Look at the mess above, bearing in mind that this model was painted by a professional designer and illustrator, who studied art his entire life…

So, if you do not happen to be a trained artist, and your first paintjob is at least as good as this one (it would be *really* hard to do worse…), then you are waaaaay ahead of where I started. 🙂

Want to become a better painter?

Immerse yourself into the craft. Experiment with materials. Try out new techniques and keep what works for you. Fall in love with the process of painting. Find joy in the journey, instead of the destination.

Above all, just keep painting, and, eventually, you will get to where you want to be. 🙂

Cbag out. 🙂


~ by Chris on May 22, 2014.

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