More Zombicide!

I finished off the projects I’ve been working on for the last few months, had my traditional end-of-project Desk Clean Day™ celebration yesterday  (the day after every prolonged painting painting where I put away all the accumulated paints and tools, and scrub down my work table first with alcohol then with Lysol, in preparation for photography and the next set of project(s)… my studio smells so clean!) and took my photos today.

These shots are of the wave of Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors! I actually ran a poll on games club forums, so people could vote on their favorites, and I would paint them in the order of most to least favorite. 🙂

Here they are, starting with the most favorite, Clint, by a wide margin 🙂






The survivor ‘Adriana’ came in the 3rd – now, clearly, she is an homage to Foxy Cleopatra… however, I thought this was a misstep on the part of Guillotine Games: why would you make an homage to Beyonce when you could make an homage to the original, Pam Grier? I like staying true to the original inspiration, but if I honoured Beyonce, I would forever feel shame that I wasnt able to honour Pam. Ernie pointed me in the direction of a collection of Pam Grier photos on IMDB – unfortunately, I could find no reference of Pam ever sporting an afro and wearing the outfit depicted on the model (thigh high boots, mini-skirt, jacket and halter top). I agonized for weeks how to paint the model up… I finally settled on taking a bit of creative license and using this image from Coffy as a source:

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 2.28.31 PM

Afro – check. Boots (though, not thigh high) – check. Skirt – check. Jacket, nope, but sweater isnt too far off. To complete the ensemble, I used the halter top from the movie poster:

with the end result being:



I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 🙂


Tied for 4th place, surprisingly, were Jason Statham, and… Angela Landsbury (!?!?!).

Arson She Wrote

Arson She Wrote

I have no idea why Jason was so low on the list… most of the guys in the games club are over 40 though, so that might have factored into it… Because I knocked the rust off my painting muscles with the first 5 models, Jason, ironically, ended up being the best paint job of the bunch. 😀




Ernie is also a big fan of Jason Statham, so I really wanted to nail the paintjob – which I believe I accomplished: he is not only the best paintjob of the bunch, but I honestly feel he is the best paint job I have done, ever. 🙂

I really feel that my skills reached the next level on this project.

And, lastly, rounding out the first wave of survivors is a model of Steven Seagal… but rather than being a specific incarnation of Seagal, he’s more of a tragic parody of a contemporary Steven Seagal… 😦

Which is really sad, too: his history in both film and martial arts is pretty impressive… very few action stars back in the day were the headline stars in their first film. Another thing I admired about him was that he didnt try to become a body builder – back from my days studying karate none of the masters I was fortunate enough to see would have ever won a pose-down… they would also never lose a fight if someone was foolish enough to challenge them. 🙂




Continuing with my self analysis, here is a comparative shot showing how this batch stacks up against the previous ones (please excuse the difference in angles!)

zombicide_comparison2That’s it for today – I shot photos of the other project I was working on, busts for the FFG game Relic, so I will be making another post this weekend. Stay tuned!




~ by Chris on May 30, 2014.

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  1. Hot sauce.

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