RoboRally repaints

A while back, someone mentioned RoboRally on the games club forums (I think it was FMB) -a game I had all but forgotten in the last 15 years.

I’ve only played it a few times, and it was almost 20 years ago with my old neighbour, but my memories (albeit foggy ones) are of having an absolute blast playing it, so I picked up a copy from Meeplemart a few months ago. The plastic models for the game are, technically, pre-painted: a metallic steel with a black wash. Obviously, my pride wont allow me to have a game without painting the models myself. 😉

Not knowing what they were painted with originally, I stripped them: I wanted to make sure there were no funny reactions with the paints I was using.

I used W&N Brush Cleaner & Restorer to strip the models. I’ve been planning on doing some HeroClix repaints for a while now, and in preparation for that, I found a tutorial on Youtube from Jay Adan for stripping plastic X-Wing models using this product. It was a bit fussy, but there were absolutely no fumes, and the plastic didnt get damaged at all.

For my colour schemes, I knew I wanted to have each Bot with a different main colour. I went with the 3 primary colours and 3 secondary colours – for green I decided to a light lime green for one model, and a darker turquoise for another… stumped for the 8th colour, I asked Amy’s advice: she suggested Pink. Perfect. 🙂

Some models just seemed obvious to me – Twonky being red, and Twitch being yellow – I was very arbitrary with the remainder, but to start things off I asked Amy: ‘what is your favorite bot? and what is your favorite colour?’ The answers were ‘This one’ (which turned out to be Squash Bot) and ‘Blue’. Done. 🙂

I found these to be a bit of a challenge to paint – everything was fussy detailing, not exactly what I prefer to do 😉 – and while I am very happy with the results, staying motivated day after day was difficult for me.

Twonky and Squash Bot

Twonky and Squash Bot

Zoom Bot and Twitch

Zoom Bot and Twitch

Trundle Bot and Hammer Bot

Trundle Bot and Hammer Bot

Spin Bot and Hulk X90

Spin Bot and Hulk X90

Here is a shot of Twonky next to a quarter for a scale reference:


and finally, a group shot. 🙂






~ by Chris on June 16, 2014.

3 Responses to “RoboRally repaints”

  1. Those Are AWESOME!!! Seeing them painted like that, I can’t imagine them any different colors. I have never tried painting minatures so I don’t want to mess mine up and, unfortunately, have to leave them the default. Actually, there is one paint alternative I’d be curious to see and that is for the base each robot is standing on. I keep wondering what it would be like if the bases were painted more along the lines of the color of the empty factory floor spaces. Although, the black bases give an extremely nice contrast for the robots and I’m almost certain it’s better than what I imagined. 🙂

    • Thank you very much!

      My apologies for the delay in approving your comment… I missed the alert in my inbox, my bad. 😦

      Your base suggestions is fantastic… I’m kind of embarrassed I didnt think of it myself! If I ever paint another set I will definitely use your approach. 😀

      • I just saw your reply (I never got any notice) because I was looking for your pictures again. I’m glad you liked my suggestion. I’m curious how it would look in comparison.

        I recently obtained an additional set of robots that I have been hoping to attempt to paint using someone else’s paints and brushes they said I could use (I have only ever attempted painting one Warhamer figurine before). I definitely want to follow the main color scheme you used here.

        One other suggestion I’d like to make is for “Zoom Bot” that you painted pink. I feel the bottom portion (starting underneath the gold grill in the front) should also be pink again like the rest of the robot’s shell. But, that’s more of another personal preference. There’s so many possibilities. I still like your color scheme the best by far even though I’d attempt to maybe make a couple of minor tweaks. Especially, since I wouldn’t be that skilled in getting near that close to what you did here. In fact, I wouldn’t even be have the opportunity to strip the previous paint and maybe not even provide a new base coat etc.

        As an alternative to painting, I have figured out a nice alternative solution that also works for me and that I haven’t seen anyone else come up with as an idea for these before. What I did was use different colored medium-sized key ID rings (matching the primary color scheme shown in your images) as shown in the picture you should be able to find here:

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