Blood Bowl Undead team – The Eldritch Horror

Last night I made some time to process some photos I took a few weeks ago, today I’m making some time to actually post them. 🙂

I was so impressed with the Willy’s Miniatures models when I was painting up Herbert West’s Reanimators that I decided to reincarnate my old Blood Bowl Undead team, The Eldritch Horror, using all Willy’s Models… and I would be able to get double-duty out of the Zombies, Wights and the Ghouls. 🙂

This was the Secret Small Surprise Project™ I was working on between painting up Galaxy Defenders (which has yet to be photographed) and moving onto Zombicide Season 2. It is a pretty lame surprise, though, isnt it? I certainly think so. 😛

mummies wights ghouls zombies_undead skeletons undead_team

I did some minor converting to the second Mummy – I felt the model looked a bit too dynamic for a Move 3 model, so I repositioned his one leg to make him lurching forward, rather than charging forward.

I took the opportunity to re-shoot the Reanimator’s as well – I will be making a new post with the new photos sometime in the near future. 🙂

~ by Chris on December 20, 2014.

2 Responses to “Blood Bowl Undead team – The Eldritch Horror”

  1. Nice work, Chris, love the glowy eyes.

  2. […] I shot my Undead team – The Eldritch Horror – I also reshot my Necromancer team: many photos were a bit blurry in the previous post and I […]

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