Slaughterball Valkyrie Slasher

I supported the Slaughterball Kickstarter that ran a few months ago, and early in the campaign the creator messaged all the backers, requesting some feedback. One of the question asked us what, to us, was most important about the campaign.

Multi-player out-of-the-box was my favorite aspect of the game, followed by how big the models are. I went on to explain that I’m a decent painter and I look forward to painting up some of those Butchers. 🙂

I also sent him a link to some of my work, so he understood that I liked big models because of what I could do with them, not that I’m a lazy painter. 😉

Well, he liked my work so much, he gave me an opportunity to paint up one of the Valkyrie Slashers! 😀

valkyrie_slasher_front valkyrie_slasher


~ by Chris on December 29, 2014.

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