Necromunda Enforcers

I’m taking a break from painting for a few days and I am catching up on some of the photography I need to do.

Today I am posting some old stuff – my Necromunda Enforcer gang.

These models are definitely not up to my current standards, and were painted before I started using the airbrush, back in 2010 – I’m actually a bit embarrassed to show them: my Menoth and Cryx starter sets were both painted around this time, and are of significantly higher quality.





Specialists - Flamer and Heavy Stubber

Specialists – Flamer and Heavy Stubber

Cyber-mastiff and Handler - (K and 9... get it?)

Cyber-mastiff and Handler – (K and 9… get it?)

Enforcers - full squad

Enforcers – full squad

I’m not really big into converting, and one problem I’ve had with Necromunda is that you are constantly altering your models – when they get new gear, you may need to do a conversion.


That gets a big helping of ‘Nope’ from me… fuq dat shit.

Another problem I had with the game is that I never identified with any of the gangs… Delaque a bit, maybe Redemptionist, and while the Van Saar reminded me of the Fremen from David Lynch’s Dune, I wasnt too keen on the background of the gang.

Seeing as Necromunda and Hive Worlds were based on the idea of Mega-Cities in Judge Dredd, I had always thought that a Judge gang would be neat. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that official rules for the Adeptus Arbites were made available in Fanatic. 🙂

So, not only could I use models clearly inspired by Judge Dredd, the fact that I never had to do any conversions was just icing on the cake. 😀

I had wanted to stay true to just using Jes Goodwin Adeptus Arbites models from 40k, but having such a limited equipment selection just made them unviable on the table… luckily, GW released a new set of Enforcer models through Specialist Games. The models were no where near on par with Jes Goodwin’s sculpts and stylistically different – though the Sargeant model in the greatcoat was decent – by only using the models for the Flamer and Heavy Stubber, the robo-dog and having the Sargeant represent the Handler, they blend in fairly well. 🙂

Recently, there has been talk in our group of doing some Necromunda… so, to repaint or not, that is the only question. 😉

Cbag out!

~ by Chris on February 9, 2015.

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