Blood Bowl Undead and Necromancer accessories

One of the great benefits of having Blood Bowl Undead and Necromancer teams is that you can use models for both teams. In addition to some players (Ghouls, Wights and Zombies), you can also share coaching staff, accessories and ‘resurrected players’: both teams have an ability (in lieu of an Apothecary) that if they ever kill an opposing player, they can resurrect that player immediately as an additional Zombie. 🙂

As the astute reader will recall, I had discovered the Meiko Zombies just after I finished painting up a bunch of Greebo multi-race ones, and while I wanted to go all human-based zombies for my team, I also wanted to demonstrate some diversity (not to mention use the models I already painted)… my solution was to repurpose my full set of multi-race zombies to use as resurrected players, so if/when I ever kill an opposing player, I can pull a properly representative model out of my case. 🙂

Orc and Human Zombies

Orc and Human Zombies

Skaven and Slann Zombies

Skaven and Slann Zombies

Dwarf, Lizard and Elf Zombies

Dwarf, Lizard and Elf Zombies

For my Head Coach model I went with the awesome Meiko Miniatures Aigor model.

Coach Feldman

Coach Feldman

Seeing as his name is ‘Aigor’ (pronounced ‘Eye-gore’) and he has crazy, bulging eyes, it’s pretty clear that the inspiration for this model is Marty Feldman. 😉

I also wanted to do some custom Turn and Reroll Markers – I decided to blatantly steal draw inspiration from my friend Dave L. and use Malifaux Graveyard base inserts, just like he did. 😉


Turn and Reroll Markers

Turn and Reroll Markers

And, lastly, because I always like to sexy things up a bit, I didnt just want to have the models sitting in my bag. No, I needed some sort of display stand for the set, so I can display the zombies next to the board, as if they are saying ‘One day, you all shall play for us.’

Is there any better way to display Zombies than on a graveyard theme display board?

No. No there is not.

graveyard1 graveyard2

Cbag out!




~ by Chris on February 11, 2015.

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