Zombicide: Season 2 boxed set models

It’s been a busy week of blogging for me – some old stuff, some recent stuff – so I wanted to end off the week with my newest pieces: the Zombicide Season 2 Prison Outbreak and Toxic City Mall boxed set models.

After several months concentrating on speed and efficiency, I wanted to really take my time with the Survivors/Zombivors. I averaged around 10-12 hours per model in this group – I think this is my best work to date.

Shannon the Soldier

Shannon the Soldier

Joshua the Protector

Joshua the Protector

Parkour Belle

Parkour Belle

Kim, Pokerface

Kim, Pokerface

Derek the Locator

Derek the Locator

Elsa the Cat-Burglar

Elsa the Cat-Burglar

Neema the Executive

Neema the Executive

Watts the Family Man

Watts the Family Man

Raoul the Contractor

Raoul the Contractor

It’s kind of interesting to note that while every other pairing is wearing the same clothes, Joshua has on a different top between his versions… I’m really surprised that made it through all the approvals without someone saying “wait… why arent they dressed the same?”. Oh well… I guess  he gets hit so hard he changes his clothes when he dies. 😉

On the other hand, Watts get’s hit so hard that he turns into Gary Busey when he dies. 😀

Having a great day Gary Busey!

Having a great day Gary Busey!

Oh, and Belle is one Foxy lady. 😉

The last model, Grindlock, warrants some special discussions.

I knew his tattoos were going to be a challenge – and being covered in tattoos myself, it was a challenge I was looking forward to! I only managed to find 3 different pieces of art for Grindlock – his two dashboards and the cover of the rulebook. The first problem was that there was absolutely no reference for any of his back tattoos… My original thought was to do something based on my own back art:


but that design doesnt really fit with the black line style of his visible pieces. I needed to give it some thought.

To start off, I created a little diagram of a blank front, left, back and right torso, so I could transfer all of his tattoos to one place in the same orientation – to make sure I had them lining up properly. I tried creating a design on his back that was derivative of my own piece, but it wasnt working… finally, I decided that the best course of action was to do the biohazard symbol: big and bold, so it will show up really well at scale, and also very thematic with the game. 🙂


So, with that, I present Grindlock!

Grindlock the Headbanger

Grindlock the Headbanger


I have a special affinity with this character: we’re both covered in tattoos, and in my youth, I was quite the metalhead – in fact, he’s how I see myself… though the hard reality is, unfortunately, a smidge different:


Can you spot the difference?

Can you spot the difference?

There was one other model in the base set – a plastic skull which replaces the first player token found in the game. This is a really neat little piece, but, sadly, it’s a bit dull:


That… simply wasnt going to work for me. Cbag don’t play dat.

I fretted for weeks as to what to do… finally, it dawned on me: make it look like the biohazard symbol is carved into the forehead! Brilliant!

The only problem I found, is that there are very few busts and large scale statues of skeletons out there… so I didnt really have a reference to see how other artists are building the volumes and painting the surface. Fortunately, in my extensive search for reference material, I discovered Skulltrader on deviantart – an artisan that does stunning carvings on skulls. I didnt want to use props or decorations… I wanted to see what a real carved skull looks like. I wanted to see the nuances… how it weathers, how it cracks.

and, with that, allow me to present Agent Skully!

Agent Skully

Agent Skully

All of the dimension is optical illusion – I have been a fan of Bohun for quite a while, and I wanted to use this as an opportunity to practice some of his techniques – though I did carve out the teeth a bit… I felt that the perfect teeth ruined the illusion of a real, carved weathered skull.

To create the texture, I started with some stippling with the airbrush, then used a variety of methods – brush stippling as well as sponging. I spent around 25-30 hours painting it… and I would have happily spent 25-30 more. 🙂

I discovered that I really love painting large scale pieces… I need to do more of that. 😉

In keeping with my comparative self analysis, here is the progressive shot of my work:


And with this entry, my friends, my blog is now up-to-date with all of my work since the end of 2012!

Cbag out!


~ by Chris on February 13, 2015.

8 Responses to “Zombicide: Season 2 boxed set models”

  1. Your Zombicide minis look great! I just bought the game and am searching for images on the Internet that I can use as painting guides. I’ve looked through your various blogs about the different releases of the game, and I can see a definite improvement from the First-Season survivors through to your latest efforts.

    We’re looking to play our first game this coming weekend, and some of my friends have already started looking for the specially released\Kickstarter characters to use.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thank you very much, I’m glad you like them!

      I genuinely consider Zombicide to be the King of Games these days – very replayable, and win or lose, everyone has a great time. 🙂

      • All of these minis are good, mind you. If I can single out the “Rick” survivor, I think that one is particularly good. I hate doing that though, because all of them look great.

        If you don’t mind me asking, it appears as if you just did a simple spatter-pattern from an airbrush for the bases. Is this indeed what you did, and did you apply this during a priming step, etc.? Do you mind telling us what paints you used for this?

        Sorry if this is something you’ve already posted somewhere else…

  2. Thank you again for the compliments!

    And I do happen to have a soft spot for Rick as well… I put alot of TLC into him. 🙂

    The concrete simulation for the base is indeed an airbrush spatter effect.

    I primed my models with Vallejo German Red-Brown Surface primer (red-brown gives a nice, rich shadow colour for flesh tones), then do some zenithal highlighting with Vallejo Model Air Tan and White.

    Then I spray Vallejo Black Surface Primer on the base (the feet and lower legs usually get black on them as well, but that doesnt matter). Once that cures, I lower my pressure and spray a thin coat of Vallejo Model Air USA Grey, trying to leave some of the black showing through at the middle of the base. I then lower the pressure quite a bit, under 10 PSI, so the paint spatters in a really random fashion, and spray some Vallejo Model Air White around the edges.

    For the final step, to make the bases read as ‘grey’ concrete, I increase the pressure slightly and spray some Vallejo Model Air Light Grey to filter the white.

    When I go back to do the airbrush basecoats on the bodies I mask out the base using the PK Pro Incredible Masking Putty – http://www.pk-pro.de/PK-Incredible-Masking-Putty-80g_1 – (which really is incredible: a bit fussy to apply sometimes, but I’ve never had it damage my paint, even applying it only a few minutes after the paint has dried).

    The decorations – the stains, gore and blood spatters (the ‘bloodening’ as I call it) – are applied at the very end… a mix of washes, paint sponging and blood spatter effects using Tamiya Clear Red.

    I hope this helps! 😀

  3. We usually play Mordheim on Thursday evenings down at our local Hobby Store (which is well-appointed with gaming tables and terrain). They have a good stock of Vallejo, GW, P3, Reaper and Army Painter paints. I’m going to do a little paint shopping tomorrow night while I’m down there.

    I already have that Vallejo Black Surface Primer and really like it. I don’t even use it with an airbrush! I just paint it on where I need it. When spraying black primer, I have the P3 Aerosol cans I use, but have been hankering to switch over to trying an airbrush for things.

    I have 3 airbrushes that I haven’t really used a lot – 2 Pasches and an Iwata HP-C (which is my favorite). I have my own compressor, but it is one that doesn’t have a tank, and I don’t have a pressure gauge for it, so I may have to figure something out there – like experiment or something. The owner of the gaming store has a painting station set up in the back of his store though, where he has an airbrush hood and a big compressor with a tank and pressure gauge, so I can use that in a pinch if I need to, since he’s willing to let me use it.

    I may not do this initially, but I love the grey flesh you use for your Season 2 Zombies. That’s a really big, impressive group! Do you mind telling us what colors you use for your grey Zombie flesh?

    I’m initially going to go with the “Necrotic Flesh” basecoat from Army Painter. (We just got a big spray can of the paint\primer earlier this week.) However, I do see myself wanting to vary the color theme\grouping on the zombies, and not have them all be the same. That’s why I’m curious as to your paint groupings there. I’m confident that I can work with the “Necrotic Flesh” base and make it look good. There’s also the Vallejo Game Color “Zombie Flesh” (I think), which is another grey\green tone. I’m sure Games Workshop makes one too…

  4. Thank you again for the compliments! 😀

    I find an airbrush indispensable – and the best way to get used to handling and cleaning an airbrush is by using it for priming and varnishing. 🙂

    For the S2 Standard Zombies, I used Vallejo Model Colour Light Grey as the mid tone – which closely matches the grey plastic – adding VMC White for the highlights, and VMC Basalt Grey for the shadows. I did 3 layers of highlights and shadows for the Runners and Walkers, and 4 layers in each direction on the Fatties and Abominations.

    As you can see from my first Zombicide models in 2012, I wanted to vary the appearance – to look more like a proper zombie horde – unfortunately, with the different types of zombies in S2 and S3, having every model unique, as nice as it looked, caused a ton of problems playing the game. 🙂

    However you decide you paint up your zombies, I would definitely suggest having a plan for the 4 other types in S2 and S3 (Berserkers, Toxics, Skinners, Seekers) even if you wont be getting to them for a while.

  5. Very good advice. Thanks!

    Yeah, we played our second game last night with a couple of new people in attendance. When I was putting zombies out on the board, I noticed right away that it was easy to grab the incorrect model for a Runner, or not notice there was a runner in the crowd, for example. To address that point, I like the way you have the PO Berzerkers all with a unified paint theme – all of them have the orange jump suits and “boney” chitinous plating. The end result is they’re all easy to spot, whether already on the board or in the “Pile O’ Zombies” (as I’m fond of calling them) off to the side…

    We keep dying to “All Walkers Get An Extra Action” card. Happens every time so far… 🙂

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