Italeri 54mm Gladiators

Today’s post is a pair of new firsts:

1) My Foldio2 from the Kickstarter campaign arrived yesterday, so I am trying it out for the first time!

2) I’m attending a painting workshop with Fernando Ruiz in a couple of weeks, and last week it dawned on me that I’ve never painted anything in a larger scale before (other than the Relic busts, of course). Luckily, I had just finished the Greebo painting contest entries, so I felt it would be prudent to get some experience painting at a larger scale… if for nothing else than to prepare myself with a number of questions to ask Fernando while I am in his company. 🙂

These models are from a set of 54mm Italeri Gladiators I picked up at the Hotlead Bring & Buy table (for a really excellent price!) back in 2013.

I just wanted the learning experience, so I was working fast – I also wasnt super careful with the model prep (which actually was a huge pain in the ass… the plastic for this kit doesnt clean very well at all).

retarius1 murmillo1_front murmillo1_back

All-in-all, I think these came out pretty good for my first ever attempt at this scale. 🙂

I only spent about 10-12 hours on each model – which is about the same time I spend on 30mm models – my initial thoughts are that, for me at least, this larger scale is quite a bit easier… I’m definitely looking forward to working on more 54mm+ figures.

Also: I am already loving the Foldio – I do think my lighting is a bit harsh, though, so I need to play around with it… (the new Foldio includes dimmers for the LED’s, so getting the correct lighting might be jsut that easy. 😉 )

The folding aspect alone is a huge plus for me: not only will it save on space in my already packed studio, but keeping it in it’s carrying case will cut down on the amount of dust that will collect on it!

Alright, that’s it for now… Cbag out. 🙂

~ by Chris on May 29, 2015.

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