AvP: The Hunt Begins – The Predators

Today, I’m showing the Predators from AvP: The Hunt Begins… as the title of this post hints at. 😉


I based the colour scheme and patterning of the Spear Predator on the ‘Classic Predator’ from the original film – I realize that Predator did not use a spear, but this was the first time I was ever painting a Predator and I wanted a good photographic reference of one without a mask. The inset on the first image is a top-down view of the face, so you have a better view of the patterning on the head.

The Predator with the plasma caster uses the same patterning as the Spear Predator, but I went with a different colour combination – I really want every Predator to be unique. Also, I made a slight conversion to this model: the actual one in the set does *not* come with a trophy head on it’s waist… so I added one. Of myself. 😀

For the AvP Kickstarter, I actually pledged at the vanity level, where Prodos will sculpt your head, and provide you with 100 (!!!) copies. 😀

I have always regretted not backing at the vanity pledge levels during the Zombicide Season 1 and Season 2 Kickstarters – in one they sculpted you as a survivor, in the other they sculpted you as a zombie – and I wasnt going to let the AvP one slip by as well (there *always* seems to be a model that closely resembles my friend Ernie in any game we get into… and, well, I’m sick of him having all the fun of always being able to have his likeness in miniature form… ;).

As a side note, for anyone else that wants to experience the joy of pushing themselves around on the table, Prodos now offers the sculpting service on it’s own. I highly recommend it. 🙂

Lastly, the disc Predator uses the same colours and patterns as the Predator in the second film – where we were introduced to the awesome throwing disc. 🙂

I spent around 15 hours a model, so about 45-50 hours for this set.

The caution striping on the bases were done by masking out the areas with Tamiya masking tape, and airbrushing the yellow and orange. The Tamiya tape is absolutely fantastic – it didnt damage the dried paint at all, and almost no paint new paint bled underneath. The yellow and orange I used were Sol Yellow and Mars Orange from ScaleColor – I think these are my go-to orange and yellow now: great coverage, great finish.

Make sure to click ‘View full size’ to see the models in larger-than-life high resolution. 🙂

~ by Chris on January 25, 2016.

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