Zombicide: Black Plague

I have finished painting my Zombicide: Black Plague models.

This project was a bit challenging for me: basically, I’m getting tired of painting gaming models… I love painting, and I really want to do the best work that I can – if I’m not going to try to do my best, then what’s the point of even bothering to paint? – but painting to a high standard takes a very very long time… and is simply unrealistic for hordes of zombies (or, bad guys in other games) – seeing how fast CMON pushes out Zombicide expansions, I would end up painting nothing but Zombicide… which is pretty much what is happening.

I want to start painting other things – busts, large scale pieces, and even 2D artwork – and I cant do that when I am constantly rushing to finish off the next boardgame I’ve gotten.

I spent over 80 hours painting the zombie horde, and they look… alright. If I spent the same amount of time painting large scale pieces, I’d have 2-3 beautiful pieces of art. That kind of puts the investment and the return into perspective…

It’s a vicious web of Catch-22’s: I like co-op boardgames, but co-op boardgames have a huge model count; I love painting, but I’m not getting any better as a painter when I am rushing to finish models in a reasonable timeframe. So I made the decision last month that I am going to paint fewer gaming pieces – maybe one big boardgame every year or two, and perhaps a force for a skirmish game or a Blood Bowl team a couple times a year.

Anyway… back to realistic timeframes… for the zombies, I was really focusing on speed. I tried to work efficiently, and kept careful logs of my time – I ended up spending around 75 minutes per zombies, including base treatments, varnishing and effects.

For the characters (heroes, necromancer and abomination), on the other hand, I really took my time. I didnt bother keeping a log because speed or efficiency were simply not factors… they would be finished when they were finished. That said, I spent around 8-10 hours a model – in my usual range for gaming pieces – be sure to click ‘View full size’

As everyone who knows me knows that I am very particular about my Zombicide: the model you choose to use is your avatar, for all intents and purposes, it’s you… and, unfortunately, restricted choices in the core that presented me with a bit of dilemma: who would I choose to represent me!??!?

I’m not smart enough to play a wizard; I’m far too tall to play a dwarf; I’m no where near secure enough in my masculinity to play a woman or an elf… which leaves me with the warrior. But, how do I ensure that I can always play the warrior, without resorting to ‘my game, my rules’ (that isnt really fair when there is such a limited selection of models… only the core set is available to Kickstarter backers, the hero packs are still to come). We’ve already established the precedent that if a model looks like you, then only you can use it… luckily, I happen to have a supply of 35mm head sculpts of myself. 🙂

Seeing as the warrior model would now become my avatar in no uncertain terms, I wanted to make sure I really pushed the envelope with him, and try things I havent done before.

The first new technique I tried is the patterning on the cloak. I have been a fan of Bohun for a while, and I am in awe of the results he achieves, so I wanted to try something similar for this. The other technique I tried was quite a bit simpler – I used chipping medium on his shield. I’m pleased to say that I am satisfied with how both turned out. 🙂

I didnt track my time too carefully on the warrior, but I spent at least 13 hours on him – at least 5 just on the cloak – but it might even be closer to 20 hours: I painted his face, armour, weapons and tabard when I was using the same colours on other models, and then gave myself a further 5 days to focus on just him.

In all cases, the cobblestone bases are hand painted – around 7-10 minutes for each base. I figured that people would want to know how I did them, so I had the foresight to take some step-by-step photos with my phone camera – I’ll make a tutorial post probably early next week.

Looking back at the previous batch of Zombicide models, I noticed that I neglected my on-going comparison shot – which is completely unacceptable. 🙂 I used the dwarf instead of the warrior because being a narcissist and taking the extra time painting myself wouldnt be a fair comparison to my previous work.



Lastly, the obligatory group shots:

I have to say, even though the individual zombies arent that special, they are fairly impressive when viewed as a group. 🙂

~ by Chris on March 10, 2016.

One Response to “Zombicide: Black Plague”

  1. Awesome work, as usual! Do you take commissions? I posted another message in your thread about the Berzerker and Toxic Zombies…

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