AvP: The Hunt Begins – The Aliens

Oh my goodness, this is an exciting day for me: today is the day I start posting photos of my AvP: The Hunt Begins models!

When this first appeared on Kickstarter, I was all over it, like stink on a monkey (or, more appropriately, slime on a Xeno). There has been a number of ‘issues’ with fulfillment that I wont bother going into here, but my set(s) finally arrived in late 2015! (Though, I had already picked up a retail copy from Meeplemart – once I realized that retail were getting the same high-quality resin models as the Kickstarter version, I wanted to make sure I supported my FLGS 🙂 )

My original plan was to ‘clear the decks’ of models and get onto AvP as soon as I had it in my hands, so i actually spent all of 2015 only working on projects that would take me no more than 2 weeks to complete. Now, as I said in my previous posts, I did take an extended break from painting last year, but this was bumped to the front of my (ever-growing) painting queue once I completed the Zombicide Season 2 Exclusives… ahead of stuff that has been sitting around for months (if not years!). 😉

I have been a huge fan of the AvP universe for years… I had the old Leading Edge Aliens models, as well as the Horrorclix AvP. I also collected the Aliens Predator CCG when it was out back in the 90s.

There has been a huge void in the miniatures gaming market for AvP (and the Colonial Marines), so much so that many manufacturers make ‘Not Predators’ and ‘Not Aliens’, and you can see the USCM DNA *all over* models from other companies… not the least of which is the design of the Cadians for WH40K.

The time for proper, licensed, AvP models has finally arrived… and, I am more than thrilled to say, the models are *spectacular*.

Shown here are the Infant Aliens (otherwise known as ‘Drones’ in AvP vernacular) and the Stalker Aliens.

I also have a group shot of all 10 Infants together. They have such a nice impact as a swarm. 🙂


Normally, I reduce the size of the images when I process my photos – deficiencies show up more the larger the image is, and I happen to have very low self-esteem, so… yeah 😉 – in this case, however, I am quite pleased with the results, so I have uploaded the images at the full size of the shot… make sure to click ‘View full size’ to see them in all their glory. I have nothing to hide here. 😉

I spent about 5 hours a model on these, so around 65-70 hours for the set.

The bases are from Fenris Games  – their Sulaco and Hived Sulaco lines.

Obviously, as I’ve painted the Aliens, that means I’ve also painted the Predators… and the Marines. Check back soon for more updates. 😉

~ by Chris on January 23, 2016.

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