AvP: The Hunt Begins – Berserker Predator and Hellhounds

Allow me to introduce you to the Berserker Predator and his Hellhounds. 🙂


These models are not actually part of the boxed set – the basic set is only the 3 Predators, the Aliens and the Marines – but are extra models I purchased during the Kickstarter.

The Berserker Predator is one of the Super Predators from the 2010 Robert Rodriguez film, and the model was a Kickstarter exclusive. The Hellhounds were also introduced in the same film.

While the Berserker is painted accurately to his depiction in the film, I took some creative license with the Hellhounds… they are actually supposed to be green and tan, but I wanted them to more closely match with the Berserker, as, in the vision of my games, the Berserker and his hunting beasts are a separate faction that hunts the Predators, Marines and Aliens. My plan is to paint up my other 3 Hellhounds and another of my Kickstarter Exclusive Berserkers in a green/tan scheme, and that group can form yet another faction to facilitate a 5 player game.

I also added the spots – I felt they looked a bit bare with just the red and grey patterns… they needed something to add a further layer of detail.

The insets on the Berserker show a top-down view of the head – to better see the patterning – and his grisly trophy… which, of course, is me again. 🙂

I get around. 😀

Speaking of which: David, Ernie and Mark have all been so helpful to me reading rules and helping me learn how to play everything I was interested in playing (reading rules is time taken away from painting!) that I gave each of them a sprue of five heads when we got together before the holidays – you could say I gave them head for Christmas! *chuckle* – I’m looking forward to seeing what horrible atrocities have befallen my likeness, and the indignities my decapitated has to suffer… like an orc or a troll using my head as a codpiece. 😀

I rarely do sub-assembles when painting models, but in the case of the Hellhounds I felt it would be the best approach. I assembled the bodies but left all the horns on the sprue and painted them separately, then attached the horns after everything was finished (which ended up being New Years Eve – I’m such a party animal 🙂 ).

I spent around 7 hours per Hellhound and about 15 hours on the Berserker, so between 35-40 hours for this group.

Be sure to click ‘View full size’ to see larger versions!

Only one group of models left to go. 😉

~ by Chris on January 26, 2016.

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