AvP: The Hunt Begins – The Marines

Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen – some real tough hombre’s have arrived! 😀

Normally, I like to present my models in their paint order – the paint order for AvP were the Aliens, the Marines, the Predators, the Hellhounds, and the Berserker (the Hellhounds and Berserker were painted in the same ‘batch’ but the Berserker was the very last model) – so people can see how things have evolved over the course of any given project. Granted, for shorter term projects, there wont be much of a difference, but for ones of a larger scope that take place over a few months, there can be quite a difference from start to finish.

However, I am well-aware of how popular the Colonial Marine Corp is, so it seemed fitting to show them as the last batch of images.

Also, I think I am alright at painting 35mm humans – very much due to the sheer amount of Zombicide I’ve painted 😉 – so these might be the best models out of all the AvP miniatures I’ve painted so far.

Anyway, enough rambling… photos!


I spent around 10 hours per model – which is on par with the Zombicide Survivors I paint – so I spent around 50-60 hours painting this squad.

Make sure to click ‘View full size’ to see them in glorious Marine Corp high resolution. 😉

I’m currently in the midst of another big painting project – Zombicide: Black Plague – so the next big blog post I make will be of those photos, and probably wont be until sometime at the end of February. Until then… cbag out!

~ by Chris on January 27, 2016.

4 Responses to “AvP: The Hunt Begins – The Marines”

  1. Awesome work! 🙂

  2. Really the best AvP paintings I have seen so far! Extremely well done (I mean… tatoos?!! How??

    • Thank you very much!

      There’s not much magic to the tattoos, just a good quality brush, patience and magnification. 🙂

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